Freddie Mercury “45” Table presents a


proprietary design created by


Jack Sintas of El Paso Texas

Modeled after the 45 RPM record adapter, this iconic, museum-quality piece was named the “Freddie Mercury” due to the liquid mercury appearance of it’s flawless finish. In his series of ten “45” Tables, this is the only one that is triple-chrome plated.

If you are an avid fan of Queen and Freddie Mercury or a collector of fine functional art pieces, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Show Price: $15,000


Out of your budget? Click HERE.

One lucky winner will get to choose one of these three “45” Tables

Coldplay, Green Day, or Flaming Lips

So, for as little as $25 you could own a magnificent Rock ‘n’ Rock themed table

and support our partner charity, the Be Kind People Project.


Freddie Mercury “45” Table


All “45” Table components consist of CNC precision machined 6061aircraft grade aluminum. This ingenious table is designed to be set up in minutes, requires no hardware or tools to assemble and is extremely user-friendly.

The 45 record adapter shape and leg assemblies are finished in “Show Car” triple plated chrome, lending it’s appearance to that of liquid mercury – thus the name, the Freddie Mercury.

The glass top, like the entire table, is custom made to precise specs and incorporates an unusual double bevel edge. This high-end “Starphire” glass has a beautiful aqua hue due to low iron content, setting it apart from most glass-topped tables.


Price includes:

  • A to-scale replica of the Freddie Mercury” “45” Table
  • A collectible Freddie Mercury 45 RPM vinyl record
  • A custom designed/built crate along with specially made protective packaging is used to house all items for safe transit and can be retained/utilized for future transport
  • All contents are fully insured
  • This table comes with a signed Certificate of Provenance, which includes the name/number and date of build
  • Shipping costs are included
  • “White Glove” delivery service is available for an additional fee

“45” Table Dimensions

Glass top diameter:  42” x 1/2” thick (106.68 cm x 1.27 cm)

Floor to tabletop height:  16 3/4” (42.54 cm)

45 record adapter shape:  26” diameter x 3/4” thick (66.04 cm x 1.90 cm)

Leg assembly:  16 1/4” x 1 3/4” diameter 41.27 cm x 4.44 cm)

“45” Table Weight

Glass top – 60 lbs (27.21 kg)

Base, 45 adapter plus 3 leg assemblies – 38 lbs (17.23 kg)

Total table weight – 98 lbs (44.45 kg)


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