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Six Decades Of Attitude & Counting

It’s all about the music.

Of course it is but there’s no way in hell I’m going to pass up a chance to say a little bit about me and how we got here. It’s actually a funky little story in its own right.

My love of music started when I was kid. Think 1960s, British Invasion, Woodstock, Summer of Love and anything else you can remember about one of the world’s greatest times to be alive.

Got the picture? Let’s move on.

My Dad bought me a little green transistor radio and I used it to tune into the giants. I actually heard about the death of Buddy Holly on that radio. I listened to it so much, so loud, that my Dad made a habit of buying batteries any time he went to the store.

I was hooked.

When I was 13 I was watching the Ozzie and Harriet show and at the end they let Ricky Nelson sing a few songs. The music was amazing. But what was more amazing to a 13 year old boy was the way girls reacted to the music.

Right then I decided to be a musician.

When I was in High School I finally had a few bucks to buy a drum kit and went to a pawn shop to do just that. With a few friends – and a bass guitar we created by cutting two strings off a six string guitar – we had a band.

We were awful in the beginning. Think of music – we were the opposite of that. But eventually we got better. Then one day my bandmate’s brother left the door open to hear us. Somebody actually wanted to listen.

We kept playing and practicing and we were invited to play a school dance. My blue sparkle pawn shop drum set kept falling apart and my girlfriend had to come on stage to hold a cymbal in place. My first gig and girls were already rushing the stage!

Ricky Nelson had nothing on me.



I loved playing music and kicked around in a half dozen bands including one that did a tour in California. But I just wasn’t destined to be a drummer forever. My love of music would last forever, just not my career as a musician.

With music as my constant companion, I built a business and even became a professional poker player. A real poker player – not these clowns with glasses and logos plastered all over their bodies. This was old school. I was in the World Series of Poker and made the main event 5 times.

It was at a Poker Tournament where my musical world turned upside down. I saw a guy with a strange little metal rectangle connected to headphones. Turns out it was an iPod. I thought it was amazing. I got one and spent weeks downloading all my CDs. Let me tell you it was a mountain of music.

The iPhone and iPad followed and I kept adding and adding songs. I soon discovered playlists and spent hours organizing the music into lists that had meaning to me. Almost too many playlists to count let alone songs.

Friends would hear the music and ask about it and the more they listened the more they wanted me to share my playlists. When someone said, “You’re like your own radio station” a lightbulb went off.

Radio Wilder was born.

Now my friends and family – and anyone else – can hear my music anytime, anywhere they want to listen. I’ll throw in a few stories. Bend a few rules. And have a little fun along the way. Hopefully you will too.

Just play it loud and proud. That’s what I’ve been doing…for way too many decades to count.


Producer – Terry

Terry is the Executive Director and Producer for Radio Wilder Show (RWS)RWS is a rock-n’-roll journey through the music, stories, and life of the host, Harry Sleighel. Harry is not only a former drummer but an entrepreneur and connoisseur of music, he is also Terry’s father-in-law.

Terry was born in Atlanta GA, raised in the south, and has been an Arizona resident for over 19 years, Terry has been blessed to have experienced the love of a good family, academic achievements, athletic accomplishments, and many career successes. But what energizes Terry the most is the music.

Terry’s musical expertise comes from his father who is a professionally trained singer and a mother who loved participating in church music. Terry’s musical journey began with singing at church as a small child and learning to play the piano at age 8. Terry played publicly at church for the first time in his 5th-grade year. Eventually, he played in events for his father’s special music, his school’s stage band, and ensemble competitions. During those formative years, he also picked up the organ in the 6th grade and the acoustic guitar in the 7th grade. Terry played in college choral groups and in a college group called “Tribute” that traveled and recruited across the Mid-South area for his school. They ultimately recorded their first and only album in 1980.

Through the years, Terry has continued to play for small to mega-churches, weddings, funerals, and the occasional jazz/blues groups. His love for music and his aptitude for technical tools allowed him to venture into the world of digital music, audio, and video production. When Harry shared with Terry his vision, Terry was all in!

After 40+ years in the business world, Terry says that his greatest achievements are being the proud husband of Shelly and a proud father of two adult children – Holly and Zach – and a frisky, feisty German Shepherd named Zynga and the handsome, talented Bassett, Cooper!


Liner Guy – Mr. Producer Guy – Dave Angell

Born on a Mountain top in Tennesseee…no wait that was a different Davey.  This Davey aka  Capt Dave. was born at Ft. Lewis, Washington to a career Army Sergeant and stay at home mom.  He came of age in El Paso, Texas and is still coming of age.   Went to school, played sports and digs the music of the ’60’s.

After High School he hit the road.  His long and winding road has taken him to the Bayous of Southwest Louisiana where he worked his first radio job.  A 3-year stint in the U.S. Army in the late ’60’s saw him at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, Germany and Korea. Back in radio in the early 70’s, he’s traveled from the redwoods of northern California to the beaches of Guam and Hawaii.

Now retired from radio he is a full-time voice-over artist voicing radio/tv commercials and radio promotional liners and sweepers for a variety of clients and radio stations from Hawaii and Guam to the U.S. mainland. And of course Radio Wilder.

Surfer, cyclist,  radio guy, wanna-be-drummer, rainbow chaser, husband, father, and grandfather, he has enjoyed hooking up with his old friend Harry to lend his voice as “The Liner Guy” for the Radio Wilder Show and now “Mr. Producer Guy”.

Dave says, “Yup, I can still play the same three chords I learned back in 1963. Keep ‘um rockin’! “

Check out Dave’s work on his webpage: www.davidangellvoiceover.com

If you have a need, give him a note and a buzz, he’d love to work with you on your audio projects. He can be reached quicker at david@davidangellvoiceover.com