Request A Song

Give your “Song Request” and get a FREE Radio Wilder T-Shirt!

We love new fans, new friends, especially NEW SONG REQUEST!

We will play ALL requests we can and will give you a shout-out in an upcoming show. Our shows are usually taped 2-3 weeks ahead of time. So it may be a few shows before we play it, but we will. 

So, below we will ask you to fill out the “Request Your Song” form. And to get your FREE T-shirt, we would appreciate you including:

  • Your address
  • Your phone
  • Your T-shirt Size
  • Your Song Request/Shout-out
  • And let us know if you are a Self Storage Owner/Operator/Manager.

Thank you for listening and participating! This makes you part of the “Wilder Nation” community whom we love and will keep informed.


P.S. You can also call our “Request Line” at 602-935-0545 and provide the same information below! Thanks.