Debuts Indie Band “Caper Clowns”!

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WilderTime #029 & The Caper Clowns!

Harry rolls out the ‘virtual red carpet’ to Denmark’s sensational indie band, The Caper Clowns, this Friday, April 27th at 9:00 p.m. EST / 6:00 p.m. PST! They will debut their new single and video “The Way I Dream”. Check out their story!

The band was formed in 2010 and the members are Rick Kingo, Peter Højgaard, Christian Højgaard, Henrik Krogh and Søren Daugaard Jensen. Their general manager and booking agent is Lone Kingo.Caper Clowns Band for The-Way-I-Dream
The Caper Clowns released their debut album, The Buca Bus, on September 30th, 2016. The lead single Pockets was immediately chosen as the “weekly hit tip” on Danish national radio station DR P4, who has continued to play the song on a daily basis ever since. 

Caper Clowns have played more than 300 gigs and have been the support act for Danish bands such as The Broken Beats, The Eclectic Moniker and  UK bands The Crookes and Level 42

Excerpts from album reviews:

By Capac (
“… Like the best foreign indie bands, Caper Clowns has managed to create an album, that offers great variation and creativity within the broad spectrum that is indie rock. From the opener, the almost classic pop tune “Pockets,” that is compelling and melodic to an extent that should make it a hit on the radio…

… The Buca Bus is a well crafted, versatile indie rock album… … Caper Clowns has a team of loyal and passionate representatives, who take on all the best foreign representatives. Yes, The Buca Bus aspires to a spot on my personal “favorite album of the year” list, when I’m writing it in a short while. I strongly recommend it.” 

Album review by Alan Haber (US),
” … talented quartet to craft this wonderful melodic pop collection. The highlights are too numerous to mention in toto, but here are a few favorites: “A Tale of Romance and Magnetic Trains,” a pure pop delight of the toe-tapping variety; “Mirror Me,” an uptempo driver which wouldn’t be out of place on a Deacon Blue album; “Sleeping on the Edge of the Rainbow,” a beautiful burst of charming balladry, and “The Significance of Teacups,” wholly McCartney-esque (and ELO-esque with a Brian May-type guitar solo)–an earworm that simply won’t let go. Lovely melodies and harmonies and, well, everything, await your ears. Take a well-deserved bow, Rick Kingo, Peter Højgaard, Christian Højgaard and Skipper Storm; you’ve made one of this year’s most assured collections of musical treasures.”

The Pure Pop Radio has named The Buca Bus debut of the year 2016! 

Absolute Powerpop review:
“Caper Clowns-The Buca Bus. It seems that my first reviews of a new year are of albums I missed from the previous one, and 2017 is no exception. Had I stumbled on this pop delight from Denmark sooner, it would have made my top 100. As it is, you don’t need its placement on a list to give it a listen, as these Danes channel pop sources like McCartney and ELO. Jingly (and jangly) opener “Pockets” will put a smile on your face, “A Tale of Romance and Magnetic Trains” brings vintage-era Squeeze to mind, and “The Significance of Tea Cups” is sheer pop brilliance and probably my favorite song of the moment. It’s finds like these that keep me going with this site after nearly 11 years.”

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