Showtime #003


The “Wilder Movement” is picking up steam as Harry shares his third Showtime with you and especially his classmates at his high school reunion in El Paso Texas! In this show, you will receive a few new bonuses that provide a richer and “Wilder” experience.

  • First, we are grateful for Harry’s friend and voice-over expert, David Angell of Radio Imaging (1-800-667-8686). “Big D” has provided a tremendous voice for our new introduction, transitions, and an even cool first commercial spot for Radio Wilder!
  • Harry has added more of his favorite songs and short stories, backgrounds, and quips.
  • You will also hear more about the tremendous response and new requests that Harry is receiving.

Enjoy a wide-array of Rock ‘n Roll such as songs by:

  • Cage The Elephant
  • Steve Earle
  • Guns and Roses
  • Dion
  • Kongos
  • and more!

So, do Harry a favor:

  1. Tune and listen to Showtime #003 via this website or iTunes.
  2. Download the Showtimes to your phone, iPad, or chosen sound system.
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  4. And be sure to give a positive review on iTunes because this will help spread the “Wilder Movement.”

Now, get on with your “Wilder-self” at!

About the author, Terry

Music….My faithful, lifetime companion.

It started with my turquoise transistor radio when I was nine years old, at thirteen seeing teen idol Ricky Nelson wowing the girls with his singing and guitar playing. It was then I knew I wanted to be a rock n ‘ roll musician and who knows why, to play drums. My dream became a reality and I loved playing rock n ‘ roll with five different bands, getting to tour in California and experiencing the closeness that bands can feel when they become tight and are playing great stuff! I have come full circle and because of a wonderful, crazy life and never losing my love for rock n’ roll music, I am back playing music again in my personal music book, Radio Wilder. How cool is that?

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  1. Brandon Bush on 10/12/2017 at 2:07 AM

    Great! Kylie loved it!

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