The best way to reach Harry, is to leave a voice message.

Maybe we'll play your message on the next show!  Here's how....

Suggestions for your shared msg with Harry

  1. Leave your name
  2. Where you're from
  3. What are you up to tonight
  4. Favorite musical artist
  5. Share some fun info about yourself
  6. What you like about the show


How to send a voice recording with Apple iOS

  1. Use voice memo app
  2. Press red button to record your msg
  3. Save the memo
  4. Three dots on the recorded memo will allow you to "share"
  5. Share on your text to ‪(602) 935-4989‬


How to send a voice recording with Android

  1. Open your text messenger app
  2. Type in ‪(602) 935-4989‬
  3. Click and hold the microphone icon to the right of the text box
  4. Record your message
  5. Release the microphone icon
  6. Hit send


*If all else fails - call us and leave a voice message at ‪(602) 935-4989‬.