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David Sweetlow, Singer-Songwriter Pic 2018 - 1

David SweetLow …

is an English singer-songwriter. He’s had two top 40 hits in the UK in his own right and has co-written songs for several high profile artists. He has worked on major advertising projects in Spain for the Voll Damn Beer company and has contributed to many other major advertising campaigns.

As an artist, he has worked with some of the most prestigious producers and engineers of the 80s including Alan Tarney, Andy Hill, and Gary Langan. As a co-writer, he’s work alongside Gary Numan, Alan Tarney, and the Spanish producer Jordi Cubino.

David SweetLow…

has been signed as an artist by three (3) major record labels during his career, WEA Records, Polydor Records and by Miles Copeland at IRS Records. His co-written song “Adrenalin” was featured in the Hollywood movie “Blood and Concrete” starring “Jennifer Beals.”

Now he lives and works in Japan where he is working as an acoustic singer/songwriter/producer and has set up a studio.

His music is a mix of Americana/folk/Celtic which reflects his love of the Southern states of the USA and the Highlands of Scotland.

David SweetLow…

is an artist/producer with long experience in his profession.

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