FLASHBACK #2 OF 3 – Showtime #011

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Flashback 2017 with #2 of 3 Shows: Showtime #011!

Remember This #2 Popular Show and its WORLD PREMIERE!:

On tonight’s radiowilder.com (https://radiowilder.com/) show, the #2 vote getter flashback is my favorite because it includes my dad singing an all-time standard favorite! Who gets to have their dad singing on their show? Come on!

We introduced U2’s new American Soul song, great fall out boys- last of the Real ones.Plus one of the best covers in the Deuces are Wilder collection done by a crossover singer!

Next week, we will do the last of the flashback shows, and on Friday, Jan 26th@8est.6 mt.we are back with our first brand new show of 2018 and will share some of our plans for this year!

The show starts tonight@8est/6mt. Of course, all shows are available on-demand so you can listen at your convenience. It is also available on iTunes by downloading on podcasts using radio wilder as your search term.

On to the Show!

Harry and the Wilder Bunch!

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