FLASHBACK #3 OF 3 – Showtime #013!

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Flashback #3 of 3 – Showtime #13

On tonight’s final flashback Showtime, lucky #013, the #3 vote getter, we cover songs from 1975-2017.

Supertramp and Goo Goo dolls make up our Deuces are Wilder selections.

Duran Duran and 10,000 Maniacs take center stage.

Plus a little Foreigner! 

A step back into the 60’s with the Mama’s and Papa’s.

The show starts at 8 p.m. EST/6 p.m. MST at or download from https://radiowilder.com (https://radiowilder.com) podcasts on iTunes using the link at https://radiowilder.com to search.

We will be back live next Friday with one of the very first blues recordings done in 1927 by Blind Willie McTell with a cool musical forward by Bob Dylan. There are several new segments we will be introducing. Plus, you can now check out the new Wilder t-shirts and how to get one by contacting us at info@radiowilder.com. Very excited!

Thanks as always for listening . Of course you can always do that on-demand at your leisure!!

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