Internet Radio Man #119 Panic Payoff

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We appreciate all the shout-outs and song ideas! I know you are bored, but we will try again on to wipe that out!

  • Second song from Grouplove (new group), Fire Flies, The Jam, Dorette, J J Cale, The Band and The Bangles!!
  • Tons more and good titles for today’s world, ‘Why Worry?‘ by John Mayall.
  • Get a free Internet Radio Man tee by simply giving us a song request, mailing address and shirt size. Check ’em out in Grayson’s gift shop.
  • Catch us on Spotify, Itunes, Stitcher, Google Play and coming June 1st, Dowload the app today, it’s free!!
  • ‘Baby Ruth’ is full-time now, so shows start after she completes all the regular chores and her Dropbox duties.
  • Join us this weekend and dance and play around a littlest lead in your own home.

Love from the Wilder family!!

Harry and the Wilder Crew

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