Internet Radio Man #124 Crank It Up!

By | 05/22/2020 |


How thrilled and excited we are at Radio Wilder!! In less than three years, doing something we love, we have been selected as a 2020 Communicator Award Winner in two categories!

  • The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts recognized us with the Excellence Award in weekly rock n’roll podcasting and in Features Branded Episodes with our podcast with Dr. Connie Mariano, the former White House Doc for three Presidents!!
  • I want to thank with love; Terry ‘T Bone’ Anderson, Dave ‘The Voice’ Angell and Howard Steele ‘Sound Engineer Extraordinaire’ who has won 12 gold records in his storied career. They helped make it happen!!
  • Special shout out to ‘Baby Ruth’ Kolling who publishes the show every week and will start today’s show as soon as she finishes polishing the trophies.
  • Of course without our thousands of fans around the world, we wouldn’t still be rock n’ rollin’.

Come listen with us at or Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play, and get a Memorial Day musical treat and feel the love!!

Harry and the Wilder Crew!

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