Internet Radio Man #125 Awarded for Having Fun!

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1074, 107, 49 and 48! That’s what woke me up early to do this post.

Just got our brand new set of analytics and saw that we are being listened to in 1074 cities around the globe. People from 107 countries have visited our site! We are in 49 states, but we need some fans in Rhode Island and Wyoming to be in them all. Our shows are being heard in 48 countries.Thanks so much!.

  • This week’s show has Willie Nile doing his new song, ‘New York at Night‘.
  • We are doing a request for Cheryl Le called ‘On” by BTS.
  • Cage the Elephant & Beck are ‘Night Running‘!
  • Good stuff from Collective Soul from the new album, Blood.
  • The shows pals called us from Denmark to intro their new one, ‘Space and Time‘.
  • They are sounding better and better and have just won one of Europe’s most prestigious awards.
  • Two of my pals join us with their group, Triangle, doing what else, Music Music!
  • First shows cranks up after ‘Baby Ruth’ completes her first day in her new role as Virtual Trade Show Director!

Break out and come dance and sing with us!! Thanks for listening!!

Harry and the Wilder Crew!

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