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Nashville!! I’ve got 5 Daughters Bakery and their 100 layer doughnut is on my mind!

We will be down there in a month to pick up my ‘Little Zeus Coupe’ with my brother, nephew and my wife. And, we are going to try the 100 layer doughnut.

Check out 5 Daughters and their doughnut cam – It is very cool!

  • Speaking of Nashville, one of‘s favorites, All Them Witches, has a new album out and we are playing ‘Enemy of My Enemy‘ in this week’s show It’s a bruiser!
  • 5 Daughters has over 300 different doughnuts and while we don’t have quite that many different artists on this week’s show, there is a damn good selection!
  • Prima Donnas, Calvin Russel, David Ruffin, The Bompops, The Bobby Fuller Four, The Jam and plenty more!
  • Music starts when ‘Baby Ruth’ cleans up her campsite, waxes her RV and of course, knits a new sweater because it’s starting to get cold!
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  • Shout out to Switzerland and Eagle, Idaho! Thanks for hanging out with us!

Harry and the Wilder Bunch!

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