Internet Radio Man #139 Bowling Green

By | 09/25/2020 |


Today Radio Wilder celebrates 3 years of playing the best rock n’roll ever recorded! 60 years of rock, right up thru today and tomorrow!

So today we will keep doing what we do best with much help from our fans, rocking and rolling!

  • In the next two weeks we will have a couple of mammoth announcements to REALLY celebrate!.
  • On today’s Internet Radio Man #139, Bowling Green is closer,
  • Sly and the Family, The Fondas, AC/DC, Spin Doctors, Afrikan Prince, Alabama doing ‘Born Country‘ and lot’s more help bring in our 4th year!
  • Music begins when ‘Baby Ruth’ finishes getting packed and ready for her big anniversary trip into the Grand Canyon where she and her hubby will be grilling big steaks down at the bottom!! Congrats!!
  • Catch us at, on Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play and many other music stops
  • .After the show if you want more, click our streaming link at
  • Shout out to Berlin and Norway!!

Harry and the Wilder Crew!

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