Internet Radio Man #143 ???

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My 6 lb roll of bologna that we are going to smoke on our Traeger!!

Brown sugar, yellow mustard, soy sauce, Worcestershire and 4 hours of smoking!

We haven’t had bologna in our house for years but we saw a Food Network show featuring a cool sandwich and went crazy!

  • We are thrilled to have Memphis’s Hall of Fame disc jockey, Dewey Philips guest announce with us!!
  • Tons of big time music from Willie Nile, Cherie Currie doing their brand new songs.
  • Steve Earle, Prince with one of his unreleased beauties, Ambrose Slade and the Beatles in our Deuces are Wilder segment.
  • Jesse Malin, Screaming Lord Sutch Classics IV and tunes that will make for a rocking’weekend.
  • First show starts on Friday when’ Baby Ruth’ cleans up her RV for the winter and helps her hubby thru another round of therapy.
  • Catch us at or on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or after the show if you want more music, go to and click on our streaming link.
  • Thanks for listening and hanging out with us.
  • Shout out to Uruguay and Albuquerque!!

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