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Your MM List (Mellow Meditation) (

By Harry Sleighel

We all have experienced…

High stress



A need to bring our outer world and the inner world under control.

How do we know? We have been there.

There have been times when stress has caused anxiety attacks. Or you may have experienced just a lack of focus and anxiety over issues that you are dealing with. Or maybe, you can’t put a finger on it, but you know that your world is just off.

Here is my advice – Meditation & Music ( .

That’s right, meditation. There are many opinions on this form of mental exercise from the religious to the mentally strong. But, I have found that you can either use meditation (or continue to suffer life’s stressors) when you exercise, in a quiet place and even during a crazy day.

The 5 keys to having a “mellow” time/place to meditate are as follows:

As needed, make time during the middle or end of your day or whenever the need arises that you find your stress and anxiety getting high.

Find a quiet spot at home, in your office, outdoors, or even at a special place in your space/area.

Go there and get settled, seated or start your yoga/exercise routine. Take 10 deep breaths and start noting your breathing as deep and relaxed. If it helps to pass the time breathing, count to 10 as you breathe in and count 10 as you breathe out.

Now, the critical part really begins. Create a mental picture of a place that you have been before or have seen that is peaceful, calm, and reinvigorates you. Lock that place in your mind.

Last, you are to move towards and into “The Zone.” This is a mental state created by listening to mellow, soothing music. Once moving toward that place or if you get into that place, you are safe to begin releasing one anxiety or stressor at a time. It is just like peeling back an onion – starting with your easiest stress, mentally label it, and release it. Note: You are not that neglecting it at this point. You are mentally naming it and putting it away with into a box to bury and marking it – DONE – because you are going to be “done” with it and not let it control you. At this point, register the feeling and sensation of calm and that you are worthy of the challenge. You WILL overcome it. Do this for each worry that comes to mind from the easiest to the hardest. Put it away realizing the best solution, and even the worst scenario WILL NOT DEFINE YOU.

You may only be able to do this for 10 minutes and build to one hour. Studies have shown that this exercise has increased the mental ability to find solutions and overcome the stresses and anxieties of life.

So, instead of remaining in a state of crazed anxiety, grab the reins of your mental state and OVERCOME!

The blog at  ( states:

“A common feedback I get on meditation is people end up falling asleep during the process. This is usually a sign you are mentally fatigued with mental clutter — All the more you need meditation since it clears out the clutter in your mind. Staying awake is one of the largest difficulties for new meditators in still meditation since there is no active stimulus to keep you engaged.

One way is to ensure you are well-rested before the meditation — such as meditating when you wake up in the morning, after a good rest. My meditations are much more focused if I do them at an alert state rather than when I’m already tired. Once you successfully let the thoughts be cleared, you will emerge from the meditation more energetic instead — since your clutter is removed and your mind is now fresh.

Some may also experience resistance during the meditation, especially when negative…

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