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Music,of course!

Our show this week is loaded with great artists.

  • The Shelters doing ‘Can’t go home‘ for Shelly.
  • Van Weezer busting out new with ‘The End of the Game
  • The Dandy Warhols, Have you heard them? Wow!
  • Lenny KravitzWhere are we Runnin?’
  • Girl Crush by Little Big Town.
  • Great, sexy lyrics! From 91 years ago, Charley Patton singing Down the Dirt Road Blues.
  • Talk about the blues.The Boomtown Rats‘ brand new release, ‘Trash Glam Baby‘. The hot new group from Tempe AZ, The Black Moods, I can’t wait!
  • Music begins after ‘Baby Ruth’ finishes her trip planning for the 4th! Along with completing her checklist for her big upcoming Tradeshow.

Come hang with us, and find time this weekend for 2 hours of music!!

Harry and the Wilder Crew!

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