Radio Wilder #115 Hope to Say Goodbye!

By | 03/20/2020 |


As we wait for the warmer weather to come and wipe out THE VIRUS!! Radio Wilder is unleashing some VERY HOT music on our show this week:

  • Spoon, Cranberries, Banoflee (brand new), Alanis’s cool new tune, Allie X, Mary Wells and even The Bee Gees!!
  • Human Beinz and George Thorogood are in the Deuces!
  • First shows begin after ‘Baby Ruth’ gets her sales appointments secured, bakes Ashley’s birthday cake, and plants her spring flowers! Catch us at, Spotify, Stitcher in your car and coming soon:!!!

Thanks for hanging and if you aren’t working or are sick, our prayers are with you!!

Harry and the Wilder Crew!

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