Showtime #001

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Welcome to the first podcast for Radio Wilder, Showtime #001!

In this week’s lineup, you will experience:

Harry’s journey to his 1st podcast

He shares his “father-daughter” playlist for his first show featuring songs by:

Dave Clark



And more!

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  1. Rick Kern on May 5, 2020 at 3:50 pm

    Hi Harry, woke up early this morning and was jumping around on my phone checking mail etc. I listened to your 1st podcast and enjoyed the stories and history – great stuff man! You and I have so many connections that certainly should have brought us together at an early age ie Bill & Terry (they, along with David Marcum, drummer, plus Mike McGill) were the Shownette band that worked with Barbara Prewitt’s twirlers which included my cousins, Pam & Sandra Halbert (Ysleta) & Lela Prati (Burges). Mike McGill was one of my first bass players and Tom Jordan played B-3 with that group! BTW – Sandra dated Bobby Fuller for a while. Anyway, I could go on for ever with more stuff. Great podcast!

    Question: while at Parkland did you know Mike or Donna Crutcher? She was a cheerleader and he was a great basketball player. More cousins on mine.

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