Showtime #016 – NEW 2018 Opener!

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It’s Friday And A NEW 2018 Opener!

Welcome back, Radio Wilder Family!

We open our second season with a bunch of new features and some big plans! We ( also unveil our new Wilder t-shirts, and as always, it’s about the music.

We extend our 65-70 years of Rock n’ Roll to include the following:

We play one of the earliest blues legends with a recording he did in 1927. Blind Willie McTell does the song, and Bob Dylan shows his respect by doing a tune he wrote about Willie.

Hear a powerhouse cover of the Beatle’s ‘I am the Walrus’ by Spooky Tooth.

Brand new Spoon.A song I spent three months tracking down and a surprise from the 50’s!.

This first new show of 2018 starts at 8 p.m. EST/6 p.m. MST at ( .

Download Radio Wilder from your iTunes store under podcasts using ‘radio wilder’ to search, or listen at your leisure to our website on-demand player.

Thanks for listening and sharing this new season with others! Let’s make it a “Wilder 2018”!


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