Showtime #021 – Happy Birthday, Harry!!!

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showtime-021-happy-birthday-harry Presents – “The Birthday Show”!

Showtime #021

Lucky #21 Show Features Our Host and All-Around Good Guy, Harry Sleighel’s Birthday!

The Wilder Crew welcomes you to the “Big Birthday” show featuring:

The White Stripes


And the legend from Juarez, Mexico.

An exceptional song for young mothers.

Plus, in the Deuces are Wilder slot, an artist who might have played for the largest audience in history. How about 3 billion?

Nick Waterhouse and the band rated #89 from the top 100 artists of all time.

The first instrumental to reach #1 on Billboard’s top 100.

Harry says, “Enjoy my birthday show with me; I will! Thanks for listening!”


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