Wilder Time #108 Lovely Linda From England EP

By | 01/31/2020 |


Lovely Linda From London, that’s the title of today’s radiowilder.com (https://radiowilder.com/) internet radio show!

Featuring English royalty, the 26th Marquis Des Barres, doing his 2019 hit ‘Crackle and Hiss’, new Prima Donnas and Fleshtones.

How about Louis Armstrong, Def Leppard, The Coolies, and in the bonus EP segment; Fela Kuta featuring the late great Ginger Baker!

They are here! Brand new Internet Radio Man tee shirts in Grayson’s Gift Shop!!

First show cranks up after ‘Baby Ruth’ works on her ACT cam and takes care of her bees!

Come join us for a real rock n’roll dance party at radiowilder.com (mailto:party@radiowilder.com.Thanks) !

Thanks for hanging out with us!

Harry and the Wilder Bunch

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