Wilder Time #82 Portal to Discovery

By | 07/05/2019 |

Portal to Discovery

Fireworks Friday! Lot’s of good music today on Radio Wilder (https://radiowilder.com/) . Willie’s brand new tune, Buddy Holly, Elvis C., Boss Martians, Down in The Basement Deuces and much more!

Do you know the awesome story about ‘The Fenderman‘? Brand new Allman Betts Band which Allman Bros fans will love!

Check out our upgraded website and once you get there, request a song; give us your mailing address and get a free tee shirt!

Thanks for listening and if you know somebody in Wyoming, Vermont or Rhode Island, tell them to give us a listen!!

Have a great weekend and make it happen!

‘Baby’ Ruth is packing up the rest of her fireworks to take to London and making lamb chops and liver for the weekend! When she is done, she will post the show probably around noon!! Be patient.

Harry and the Wilder Bunch!

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