Wilder Time #90 Really? Wow!

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Wilder Time#90 Really? Wow!

Yes, that’s how we feel! Next week will be two years of fun, joy and lots of music! Today’s show says it all. Brand new, plenty old and original!

We have just earned our first gold record!

Beginning in December, we are booking bands to play their music, videos and to help them in anyway we can to gain some visibility for their art!

So reach out to info@radiowilder.com (mailto:info@radiowilder.com) if you want to be on the show!!

Finally, we still have over 40 medium classic tees left. If you are a slim guy or a girl who wears a small, go to radiowilder.com (https://radiowilder.com/) , request a song and give us a mailing address and contact number and we will ship one free asap!

‘Baby’ Ruth is cooking for 100 guests this football weekend, but she promises to get the show on as quickly as possible, so you can listen today!

As always you can catch our show on iTunes, Spotify or on  Radio Wilder! (https://radiowilder.com/)

Enjoy your weekend!

Harry and the Wilder Bunch!

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