Wilder Time #95

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Eject the SD Card

Tonight we honor one of the great rock drummers who never comes up in any discussion of the best! Sandar ‘Sandy’ Nelson, who had instrumental hits in the top 10 in the 60’s which is almost unheard of!!

Sandy was involved in a motorcycle crash in 1963 and had his right foot amputated and also lost part of his right leg.

Didn’t stop him from playing! Hell no!

Still recorded as a session drummer and still playing around with music today! Catch his ‘Let there be Drums’ on today’s Wilder Time#95 Eject the SD Card.

First show starts after ‘Baby’ Ruth’ finishes building her Halloween House of Horror. Join us for a music powerhouse and if you are in the US and feeling spunky, call me @ 602-935-0545 and give us a shout out!!

Make sure to let your friends and family know that you can catch the show on iTunes, Spotify and of course on radiowilder.com (https://radiowilder.com/) !

Enjoy your weekend!

Harry and the Wilder Bunch!

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