WilderTime #028

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WilderTime’s Great Music, Stories, & Life!

What does Poker, Denmark, & Kids have in common? Harry!

Is Putin spreading deadly toxins in America?

Listen to Tony ‘C’ and the Truth telling it like it is.

Blackbird covered in Deuces are Wilder.

Jimmy Jones doing’Handy Man.

Where have all the Cowboys gone?

Listen to one of the most famous war protest songs of the 60’s.

Up Next:

Be sure to tune in to next Friday’s when The Caper Clowns from Denmark break their new song and video on the show!

Goodies in the gift shop and remember to help the kids in The Be Kind People Project, if you can.

We welcome South Africa to our growing family which makes 24 countries!

Thanks as always for listening and have a wonderful weekend!!

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