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WilderTime #036

WilderTime #036 – (Updated Ver. 1.3 or so. 🙂 )

Tonight on

  • Hear what a ‘Human Radio’ sounds like!
  • How the poker gods handed me $3000 with an unbeatable hand!
  • Listen to First Aid kit, The Crests doing ’16 Candles’.Beverly Hills by Weezer.
  • A request for Motley Crue’s’Home Sweet Home’.

Remember, next weekend we listen to the Beatles and Stones playing together on our big 4th of July extravaganza!

First, the show is at 9:00 p.m. EST / 6:00 p.m. PST and can be downloaded on iTunes by searching for podcasts using terms “radio wilder”.

Thanks for spending your time with us!

Have a “Wilder” Weekend!

Harry & ‘the gang’!

About the author, Terry

Music….My faithful, lifetime companion.

It started with my turquoise transistor radio when I was nine years old, at thirteen seeing teen idol Ricky Nelson wowing the girls with his singing and guitar playing. It was then I knew I wanted to be a rock n ‘ roll musician and who knows why, to play drums. My dream became a reality and I loved playing rock n ‘ roll with five different bands, getting to tour in California and experiencing the closeness that bands can feel when they become tight and are playing great stuff! I have come full circle and because of a wonderful, crazy life and never losing my love for rock n’ roll music, I am back playing music again in my personal music book, Radio Wilder. How cool is that?

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