WilderTime #040

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Party Hardy on WilderTime #040!

Big birthday bash tonight on RadioWilder.com (https://radiowilder.com/) ! Two birthday requests for the Wilder family and another request from one of our fans whose birthday is today!! Holy Leo’s!

AC/DC, Hootie and the Blowfish, All Them Witches, Shawn Mullins, B.B King, Smashing Pumpkins and much, much more!!

Hear the’dancing meat story’ from Venezuela and if that’s not enough, “the green-sheen” meat sandwich might do the trick!

Even with all the requests and birthdays, the first show starts at [9:00] EST/[6:00] PST.

Download us on iTunes by searching under “podcasts” using “radio wilder” in the search bar.

Thanks for listening.

Harry and The Wilder Pack

P.S. Last week’s show was the most listened to ever.

P.S.S. Send us your request, and we will send you a ‘tee’.

P.S.S.S. (Ok, this is the last one!) Have a super cool weekend!!

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