WilderTime #051

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Are you in the raffle?

Gonna be a great one tonight folks…….

We’ve got some:

Cornershop to kick us off

The Hentchmen

John Kasandra

“We wont hurt nobody” with the  (https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/deucesarewilder?source=feed_text&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCUE-3e5_nJgKDpEcM4neDX8-USXfvJ3FcN2qCnW9c-hk7QMUoWKCQe1-eeWz-vy6B_Q8sj7-6iI7EJ367PuabcUHqmShQZ6atyai85Jfvty8q_T_Vj0kzJYbVM7pTCwjzRcsQJd_aFZ6M_IpFBLdde5i4cqBcC23xoP-wRcjQ4fvH3jOU1J2z7YQc_d0w-UoMcz_Lg9g2bNcpBx21VjqU9&__tn__=%2ANK-R)  duo


In honor of the movie coming out next week Queen will grace the RadioWilder stage

Finishing off with some Owl City and the ever classic Van Halen.

Remember – a one of a kind Freddie Mercury rock n’ roll coffee table will be available for sale@radiowilder.com (mailto:sale@radiowilder.com) on November the 9th! This beautiful 98 lb. liquid mercury looking baby is $15,000!  The only one in the world! Don’t have the $15k? Enter our charity rock raffle for $25.00 and you might win one of three one of a kind rock coffee tables designed with Green Day, Flaming Lips, or Cold Play in mind!

Raffle begins on November the 9th@ radiowilder.com.Go (https://radiowilder.com.go/) od Luck!!

See you at 9pm ET, 6pm PT


Keep Rock’n!

The Wilder Team!


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