WilderTime #60

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Life, Love and tonight’s Radio Wilder show!

For the first time a triple in the Deuces!

Carrie Underwood joins the ‘wagon’ for the first time.

Emerson Lake and Palmer, Bruce Channel doing the classic’Hey Baby’ and Joy Division, Daughtry And Prince add to the playlist.

We might sneak a peek this pm on Facebook Live as we are hoping to be up and running live by the first of March! Fingers crossed.

Our house band,The Caper Clowns are up for some big honors and we will be rooting for’em!

Give $25 in our raffle to stop cyber bullying and help teach kids to respect their teachers.

If you haven’t done so,please follow us on both our Facebook and You Tube sites . We can earn a custom name/url with enough followers.

Check out our brand new shirt and accessory store!

Show starts at 5 p.m. PST /8  p.m. EST.

Spotify and iTunes carry the show.

Of course, all shows are available on-demand!

It’ freezing outsiders warm up with RadioWilder.com (https://radiowilder.com/) !

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