WilderTime #63

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RadioWilder.com Making Music Fun!

Walking back to Brooklyn, Tobacco Road, Walk on Water and I want to walk you home. Damn, that’s a lot of walking!

Listen to everyone walking tonight on radiowilder.com (https://radiowilder.com/) , while you’re relaxing and getting ready for a fun weekend.

Have your first drink with Coconut, Beatles and Sir Paul, plus the new one from the Chainsmokers,’Who Do You Love. Cool Deuces with Cream and All Them Witches!

Come join us@5Pacific/8Eastern. If you haven’t got one of our classic tees, then go to request a song, fill out form and order one size larger than normal and we will send you a free one!

While you are there send $25 to the Be Kind People Project to help kids cope with cyberbullying and to teach them respect for their teachers!

We welcome Norway to the show, which makes 39 countries! Thanks for listening and your musical contributions!

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