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WilderTime #74 Across State Lines

“Across State Lines”

Across State Lines! What does it mean? I don’t know, but what we do know is that tons of great music is rolling out this afternoon!

  • New Black Keys and Beck,who originally recorded ‘It Ain’t me Babe?” Adam Ant, Nino Tempo, and April Stevens doing a beauty – Deep Purple. Strumbellas doing Salvation, Tegan and Sarah and mucho mas!
  • Do you know anyone in West Virginia, Vermont, Wyoming, or Rhode Island? These are the only states not listening. Bummer!
  • Music starts early this afternoon, so join us early; or because we are always ready on-demand, listen when you want!
  • Remember all shows are available at or on your Itunes Podcast player, or other favorite players like Spotify!

Thanks for listening and your musical contributions!

Have fun this weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms!!!

Harry and the Wilder Bunch!

About the author, Terry

Music….My faithful, lifetime companion.

It started with my turquoise transistor radio when I was nine years old, at thirteen seeing teen idol Ricky Nelson wowing the girls with his singing and guitar playing. It was then I knew I wanted to be a rock n ‘ roll musician and who knows why, to play drums. My dream became a reality and I loved playing rock n ‘ roll with five different bands, getting to tour in California and experiencing the closeness that bands can feel when they become tight and are playing great stuff! I have come full circle and because of a wonderful, crazy life and never losing my love for rock n’ roll music, I am back playing music again in my personal music book, Radio Wilder. How cool is that?

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