WilderTime #75

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Dad’s Deuces

I am thrilled tonight to do something that very few folks can ever do. My Dad is covering Barbara Streisand in the ‘Deuces are Wilder’ set!! Awesome! Can’t wait!

We have a few other cool people singing and playing today including  Imagine Dragon, Cranberries, Hollis Brown, Little Steven and his Disciples of Soul!

What did the Mongoose do to the Cobra? Two cool bands playing their stuff from the movie, ‘Pineapple Express‘. 

Check out our new cool streaming shows band at the top of our site. Easy to crank up the tunes!!

Music starts sometime today on radiowilder.com (https://radiowilder.com/) , and as always you can find us on Spotify, or catch us under podcasts on iTunes!!

As always, thanks for listening to us and helping us to get better and better! Have a supreme weekend!

Harry and the Wilder bunch!

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