WilderTime Presents Part Deuce

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Part Deuce

Twice the fun!

Tonight we are going to rock with some:


Bob Dylan hanging out on top of the world for  (https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/deucesarewilder?source=feed_text&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARDbDn9NZd95C5_rxewqTSCIUTOyZ8mWYoy4TuAYua3ZvgQiT2O7BCD7NF1HucSWVoMuuPngPsAuZv1R7fIDqBGaMsAlry-kMQN4uLRxpvLYsjXKdkFyY4K_wU5ZG3C1cbTgJQzYIDHfOu0DlIAJvj2YkJQe270mpHwaS41lq8jNmj4ECguAFpOHL1uD7IjPZCEneFkqv27x5qWKSoCT6owfbiTAFssvw-2y9sm7t4SYSp3xQ-hqkBUd-Ila-VPvZyBJXnLAg35N0GJVAJArHKc_2j1sO5fQEIjD8W0yvNQEnELK0t-fBmc9-GDltrZ5ZKKxlgFtxjn3J5lfp2h0qX8&__tn__=%2ANK-R) ,

Some Imagine Dragons


the Supremes

The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Then –  closing it out with Jimmy Buffett

Whew, one epic ride folks! 9pm ET, 6pm PT

Don’t forget – Call the hotline and be on the show! Seriously folks, I want the WilderWorld to know each other! Give me a ring and tell me YOUR story! 602-935-0545


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