WilderTime’s Black Friday Recharge!

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WilderTime Presents:

The “Black Friday Recharge Special!”

Did you know… Black Friday’s great sales might not be so great? 14% of all sale items are the same on Black Friday as they were the week before! 17% of all sale items are priced higher!!

Friday night on Radio Wilder (https://radiowilder.com) , we present “Black Friday Recharge” loaded with Black Friday facts like these.

Plus a show filled with electric music so you can be charged up for Friday night and Saturday shopping action!

Lot’s of music, little babble!

The first show begins at 8:00 p.m. EST/5:00 p.m. PST.

There’s a chance that for as little as a $25.00 raffle ticket, you could win a Rock n’ Roll’45’ series coffee table valued at $10,000! Wouldn’t that be the buy of a lifetime?

We extend a “Happy Thanksgiving Weekend” and a successful “Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping” from the Wilder family to you and yours!!

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