WilderTime #60


Life, Love and tonight’s Radio Wilder show!

  • For the first time a triple in the Deuces!
  • Carrie Underwood joins the ‘wagon’ for the first time.
  • Emerson Lake and Palmer, Bruce Channel doing the classic’Hey Baby’ and Joy Division, Daughtry And Prince add to the playlist.
  • We might sneak a peek this pm on Facebook Live as we are hoping to be up and running live by the first of March! Fingers crossed.
  • Our house band,The Caper Clowns are up for some big honors and we will be rooting for’em!
  • Give $25 in our raffle to stop cyber bullying and help teach kids to respect their teachers.
  • If you haven’t done so,please follow us on both our Facebook and You Tube sites . We can earn a custom name/url with enough followers.
  • Check out our brand new shirt and accessory store!

Show starts at 5 p.m. PST /8  p.m. EST.

Spotify and iTunes carry the show.

Of course, all shows are available on-demand!

It’ freezing outsiders warm up with RadioWilder.com!

About the author, Terry

Music….My faithful, lifetime companion.

It started with my turquoise transistor radio when I was nine years old, at thirteen seeing teen idol Ricky Nelson wowing the girls with his singing and guitar playing. It was then I knew I wanted to be a rock n ‘ roll musician and who knows why, to play drums. My dream became a reality and I loved playing rock n ‘ roll with five different bands, getting to tour in California and experiencing the closeness that bands can feel when they become tight and are playing great stuff! I have come full circle and because of a wonderful, crazy life and never losing my love for rock n’ roll music, I am back playing music again in my personal music book, Radio Wilder. How cool is that?

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